Friday, May 1, 2009

Sightseeing In Savannah

Wednesday we hung around the campground. I was up around 0700, made my coffee, got dressed and drove to the office to download my email and post the blog. Anne, Scotty, Jim and I went on a guided trail hike. Quite interesting and once it was over we continued on. But I was bushed by the time we got home! We had eaten a little before we left and had more to eat when we returned. All the walking can work up an appetite….

I watched a couple of my soaps, the first I’ve seen in a week or so. Spent some time at the office doing emails and reading blogs. Did some laundry, just a boring household chore.

For dinner we ate outdoors. I fixed cube steak, baked potatoes and sautéed onions and mushrooms. Most of it was good, the cube steak was bad…Anne made corn muffins and for dessert we had pina coladas!

Once inside I did dishes and then we both showered. NBC was the channel we watched on TV. Law and Order shows. In bed just after 2300.

Thursday I was up at 0740. Both Jim and Anne gave me instructions to wake them when I got up. So I did. But Jim didn’t get up until 0830. We both had breakfast and changed clothes for our trip into Savannah. Anne and Scotty drove and we headed to the Visitor Center. We picked up some brochures and decided to take the Oglethorpe tour of the city. This was a good way to see the sites and get around the city. We could catch the trolley at the stops and not pay.

Once the tour was over we were at city market, close to Paula Deen’s restaurant, A Lady and Two Sons. So we thought lunch would be good. Not to be, we couldn’t get in until 1430 and we were hungry. So we went back to city market and had lunch at Café at the Market. Pretty good menu and we each had something different. Once lunch was over we headed down to the Riverwalk.

Anne and I went into a few shops and I even found a hat that fit so I bought it. At 50% off the cost was $5.89. A bargain!! The guys wandered along the riverfront and found an ice cream shop. By this time we were all getting tired of walking so we headed to the trolley stop to catch a ride over to the Cathedral of Saint John. It has twin spires and has Gothic features.

On the trolley ride over to the Cathedral I lost my hat! A gust of wind came along and pouf, it was gone. I think I’ll stop buying hats….the ones I like, I lose. Before we went into the Cathedral we went across the street and had some iced coffee.

As we came out of the church we saw the trolley so we caught it! Turned out it was a tour and the gal who was doing it was fun to listen to! She even showed us a couple things we didn’t see on our earlier tour. But she took us back to the Visitor Center where we parked the car. We headed towards home with a stop at Kroger’s.

Jim and I changed clothes and he headed to the office with his computer. I stayed behind with Boo because I didn’t want to leave him again. But Anne was driving up to the office and suggested I bring Boo. So I did. The three of us sat there for awhile checking emails and reading blogs.

Back home I showered and now I’m relaxing with the TV on and trying to recall all we’ve done the past two days