Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farmers Market, Mall and Panera Bread

Yesterday I was up at 0715 and it was chilly so I turned the fireplace on. The low was to be in the 40's and I slept very well. I wonder how long this 'cold' snap will last?

I stripped the bed and started washing the sheets. King size bed and an apartment size washer means I wash one sheet at a time. I tried doing both sheets one time and the jumbled mess convinced me they couldn't possibly be clean. This simple chore can take all day if you don't stay home. We didn't!

We'd seen signs for the Farmers Market on the interstate so we decided to check it out. Boy is it huge! We walked through the main building looking at produce and local foods, preserved, canned etc. They tell you where the produce is from. Then cantaloupes smelled heavenly and the tomatoes smelled like tomatoes! yum! We didn't buy anything because I didn't need any thing, but we're here through the Memorial day Holiday so I can go back. Maybe I'll remember to take pictures. There were a few craft booths. The most interesting craft I saw was jewelry made from seeds. Watermelon and pumpkins seeds were painted and crafted into flowers for earrings and pins. Other small seeds were used for accents. Clever idea!

After we left the farmers market we headed to the mall. What a sad place. about a quarter of the stores were closed. I don't think we saw 2 dozen people. I know the economy is bad but I don't think this mall will survive much longer. As we drive around town we have noticed a lot of strip malls and perhaps this is where the shopping is done.

When we left the mall we headed to Panera Bread for lunch. The location was on the tourist map we had. There was no problem locating it and across the street was an EarthFare market! Yay! We had sandwiches for lunch, Jim an Italian combo w/chips and I had a Mediterranean veggie w/chips. We ate almost every bite only sacrificing some of the bread. For drinks we had tea, for me iced green tea and Jim had a iced chai latte.

Then we went to EarthFare 'the healthy supermarket'. Food wise I didn't spend a lot of money, again, I didn't need much. But I did find some Bento Boxes and bought two. I've been looking for quite some time to find them, a bit pricey but we'll use them for community dinners. With the bamboo trays they'll be sturdy enough to sit on our laps if need be.

we also bought fuel $2.19 a gallon and picked up some dog food and snacks for Boo.

Once home we got everything put away and Jim put the fitted sheet on the bed and transferred the next load to the dryer. Apparently it wore him out so he took a nap :)

I watched my soaps and for dinner I made a mixed veggie salad and shrimp scampi for dinner. After I finished my wine I did the dishes, then showered. Jim played a game and I watched NCIS all evening on the USA channel.

We went to bed shortly after 2300. Since it wasn't supposed to get cold last night we had the ac running, I still got warm.....