Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's a wee bit chiily here

When I got up yesterday around 0730 the inside temperature was 53 and outside it was 43. Great for sleeping but I did turn on our fireplace to take the chill out of our home on wheels. Even Boo is sleeping under the down comforter! Also good oatmeal weather and that's what I had for breakfast.

After Jim got up he checked his emails and made some phone calls getting reservations made then he started putzing around. Finished setting up outside, tried to figure out what's wrong with the kitchen faucet. For some reason it doesn't have as much water pressure as the other outlets.

I did a load of laundry trying to get a tea stain out of my white shorts, so far no luck on that. Polished off some leftovers for lunch, macaroni salad and steak fries. Jim finished the pulled pork that Anne gave us.

Jim hosed off some of the road grime from our trip here, darn rain made our shiny new wheels yucky! I watched my soaps, made some snickerdoodles. For dinner we had leftovers, I had the beans and rice and Jim finished the stir fry and rice.

I did dishes a lot yesterday and even Jim got in on one sink full. After dinner I showered and got set to watch Dancing with the Stars. What a show! The three remaining couples are all good. At this point I don't have a clue who will win. But I'd like to see Tony and Melissa win.

Once the sun goes down it cools off quickly, by the time we went to bed just after 2300 it was in the mid 40's outside. I'm so glad we have the down comforter! Don't need to run the furnace....