Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hollywood here we come!

The past few days have been busy and fun. We've hiked and biked and eaten and had a good time with our friends Anne and Scotty. Because of our lack of internet I lost interest in posting. Besides it was just the same stuff! Not exciting to read about but that's our life!

Yesterday we packed up and left Skidaway Island State park and headed to Charleston, SC. We drove through downtown Savannah and picked up highway 17. Once over the bridge we were in South Carolina. The drive is beautiful going through pine forests and the low country. Parts of the road need work, some is getting repaired and widened, but all in all it was better than the interstate.

It didn't take us long to get here and we set up quickly. Lunch was the first thing we did. Then internet! We have our dish up and life is back to normal!

Lake Aire RV Park, is nice but the water pressure could be better. We're surrounded by trees. They have a small lake you can fish with catch and release no license required. The four of us walked around checking out the grounds when it started to sprinkle on us. So we headed back and sat outside with Anne and Scotty. While we gals enjoyed margaritas the guys had beer. We sat and talked as a gentle rain fell. We heard a couple trains in the distance and wondered if it would be a problem for sleeping. I didn't hear any overnight. It cooled off pretty quickly and I broke up the party cuz I was cold....

I fixed a boxed penne pasta dinner for us. We showered and I did a load of laundry. TV watching included NCIS, the Mentalist (with channel hopping to see who got booted on Dancing with the Stars, Lil Kim!) and Without a Trace. There was a gentle rain throughout the evening