Monday, May 18, 2009

Gloomy day for travel

After Jim got up we made the decision to hit the road. Rain was predicted in both locations so we just took our chances. We packed up and we were on the road at 0930. We made a stop around 1130 and had a bite to eat, I didn't plan this well....but we managed to eat. Still no rain, this is good. We decided to make one more stop after we got across the state line in North Carolina. The welcome center on I-26 is on a hillside and it's just beautiful. Especially with all the flowering trees and plants.

This picture was taken with my phone from the welcome center. As you can see we're getting up in elevation.

Just after we got back on the road it began to rain. Not a heavy rain at first, just a misty rain. Then we ran into showers which slowed us down. Jim did an excellent job of going up and down and around these hills. The elevation finally got to around 2000 feet and I kept watching the altimeter. 2300 feet was the highest. A lot different from the coast! Ears popping and crackling. I'm sure the views would have been spectacular but the mist and rain were obscuring them.

We arrived at Hominy Valley RV Park in Candler, NC around 1300. A light rain was falling which made it very chilly to set up. This campground has 5 sites and cost $15 a night if you belong to Passport America. We do, that's why Jim chose it. Right now we don't know how long we're staying. It's a beautiful area and Asheville is just up the road. There are 4 rigs here and Jim spoke with one guy who said they plan to spend the summer here. I'll get some pictures and post them now that the sun is out.

We spent the evening in. Jim spent several hours researching our path to Colorado Springs. We need to be there by July 1st. I like all the stops he picked and it should be fun exploring and visiting the various places he picked. Only one stop is a repeat, but we only overnighted in Wichita last time.

I fixed red beans and rice for dinner last night. We both enjoyed it very much. When we set up the tv was on the USA channel so we just left it there. Reruns of some favorite shows kept me entertained while Jim surfed the net. After dinner was over I turned on the fireplace to keep us cosy and warm. Our predicted low was going to be around 37-38 degrees.

We went to bed shortly after 2300 and I was fast asleep all snug and warm under our down comforter.