Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lebanon, Tennessee

Yesterday I was up at 0630! I guess I was eager to get on the road. Jim was up at 0800 and after breakfast we got busy and packed up. We were on the road by 0930. We had long drive through the mountains and rain was forecast. We did well in avoiding rain. After we hit the Tennessee border we ran into a short downpour right when we planned to stop at the welcome center! We just kept driving.

We made a total of three stops and arrived at our destination around 1330. We're back in the central time zone! It didn't' take us long to set up and we sat outside enjoying a cold beer. As we sat there the rain started. While we talking Jim and I decided to eat out. Memorial Day is one of our anniversaries.

We came in, showered and dressed for our special dinner out. We went to Outback and ordered margaritas, then coconut shrimp and we each had a steak dinner. We even splurged and brought home dessert. It was a lovely meal and we both can't believe we've been together for 35 years.

once home we changed in our pajamas and relaxed. Jim went to bed around 2130 and I followed about a half hour later. The long drive, drinks and dinner did us in and we slept well.

Today was just another day in Paradise. We went grocery shopping, I ironed and did laundry and Jim fixed our rear window blind. He also did something to the bike rack that included sawing and banging. ? I fixed spaghetti for dinner, along with bread, wine and a salad for me.

I spoke with Karen this evening, that's twice this week we've spoken. She's always a treat to talk to. She sent me pictures of Smokey, her Pomeranian via phone. Karen loves to dress her Smokey!

I'm watching Angels and Demons on the History channel. Interesting program discussing the current movie, the book and the church.