Friday, June 5, 2009

White River

Looking up river from our campground

from the deck of the lounge area, there are several cabins that share the common area.

June 5, 2009 continued:

We went over to Bull Shoals State Park to use the wifi, but we could not connect at the visitor center. They pointed us towards the boat ramp. After talking with Karen Sweat for a bit (good to hear from her!) we headed over to the campground and the boat ramp. Success! Not sure how long we stayed there but Jim was able to get some downloads done and I went through some of my emails and updated the blog.

The river is gorgeous and it was pleasant sitting at the picnic table with my computer. I saw herons, swifts, purple martins and cardinals. I also heard crows! Noisy birds…. Over head I saw 10-12 turkey buzzards. Blue skies, little or no wind and life is good…

We found out that from noon today until midnight Sunday we can fish for free….we’ll see if we do and if we can catch anything.

We came home and had blt’s for lunch. Now I’m watching a soap and Jim is cleaning the outside of the rig. I’ve put out two window feeders for the hummingbirds, so far not one has showed up. Jim also hung one seed feeder and I’ve seen a chickadee!

I love hearing from my readers and Larry and Cindy said Bull Shoals State Park is beautiful and they saw deer during their visit. I have to agree, the park is beautiful! But we’re not staying there; we’re just down the road at Copper John’s RV resort.
I have seen two deer since arriving in the area. One crossed the road in front of us as we were towing the rig and the other dashed into the woods as we approached.

I watched my soaps while Jim read up about fly fishing. He also got out the gear and actually did something with it. He went to the office and got some needed lures. He’s put our rods together and who knows, maybe we’ll go fishing!

We’ve had at least one hummer show up….

Anne and I did some texting today. I sure miss her and Scotty. Happy hour is just not the same! Jim and I enjoyed the 80+ weather with a beer.

For dinner we grilled chicken, zucchini and onions. It was very tasty! I had lemoncello in my tea and thought of Scotty….After dinner we had a glass of wine with chocolate cake. Good way to end the meal.