Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting Out of Dodge!

I can't remember if I posted a picture of Boo after his grooming. We left some hair on his body but had him trimmed everywhere else.

I also forgot to mention that I defrosted the freezer. It was way past being time to do it. Took most of the ice and watered the tree outside!

Yesterday we went into town to find the Farmer's Market running from 7-noon. After circling the downtown area for a bit we pulled into the parking lot and found a few tables set up under the cover of the porches of the shops. We didn't even get out because from what I could see all they had were potted plants, jams and jellies and craft items.

We drove around for a bit and then stopped for fuel and paid $2.53 for diesel. Since we'd done all we set out to do we headed home. As we entered the campground I saw what I thought was a leaf blowing in the wind, but it turned out to be this horned lizard in the picture below.

I know, he looks like a spotted rock, but I couldn't get any closer to take the picture. When I tried he would run off. This link will take you to a National Geographic picture,

I hope the link works. I've lost my bookmark to the tiny url site!

After we got home and changed clothing we both got busy cleaning the drawers by the sink. Our friendly mouse had been in all so everything was washed and put back. Jim did most of the work.

Then it was time for lunch. Sandwich for Jim and I had leftover pasta. My friend Anne had Shrimp salad!!!

We spent the afternoon watching Wesley Snipe movies and our evening watching the BBCA shows, Primeval and Dr Who. With a dinner of beans and rice during that time.

Today we're getting out of Dodge! LOL Heading over to Lamar, Colorado. This will be a short stay and our final one before we get to Mountaindale for July and August.