Sunday, June 14, 2009

doing nothing

That's what we've been doing....nothing. Jim seems to think I need to write every day, but some days are just boring....

I seem to be getting back to 'normal' with my early rising, yesterday it was 0538, today I slept until 0645...But the rain woke me and it was pleasant listening to it, which got my brain going so I got up.

We drove into El Dorado Springs yesterday mostly because I needed some groceries but we also went out to lunch. Rusty Jug Barbeque and Root Beer Saloon, Not the best we've had but it was tasty. Jim had ribs and I had pulled pork (in honor of Anne!) LOL

We have the bird feeders up and hummingbirds, American Gold Finches and purple finches are frequent visitors. The gold finches are gorgeous in their yellow plumage and black caps.

This campground is peaceful. Since it isn't a touristy area there isn't much to do so it doesn't attract families. There's a Good Sam rally of sorts. Just some friends from Forsyth, Mo. 8 or 10 rigs. There have been only a few overnighters.

Our friend Karen called yesterday, it was nice talking to her. She and Dave were concerned about the storms that have been going through the mid west. We have had some showers but nothing exciting and no storm conditions at all.

Today we're driving up to Olathe, Kansas to visit with John and Kathy.