Friday, June 12, 2009

Osceola, Missouri

Yesterday we were both up early! 0615 for me and Jim got up an hour later. We had breakfast and our coffee then got busy, packed up and left Lakeview, Arkansas at 0852! That has to be a record for us. The weather was calling for storms in both places so we thought we'd get an early start.

We took Highway 5 north into Missouri, then picked up highway 160 west. These highways were beautiful to travel with their winding twisty roads. The views were fantastic! Jim did an excellant job as we slowly drove up and down the Ozarks! At one point we were averaging about 32 miles an hour! We stopped for lunch in Forsyth just after 1100. Still no rain. Around 1145 I noticed the cloud cover was almost 100%, but still no rain. We picked up Highway 65 north just north of Forsyth.

One thing I'd like to mention, It's good to see all the flags that the folks in the mid west fly. It makes me swell with pride when I see so many homes and businesses flying our flag!

Just south of Springfield we ran into stop and go traffic because of construction at the intersection of highways 65 and 60. It took us almost an hour to get from there to our turnoff on highway 13 north. In no time at all we were heading west on highway 54 and we arrived at Arrowhead Point rv park and campground around 1400. We managed the whole trip with only a slight sprinkle of is good.

After we determined that we could use our satellite dish we set up and in about an hour we we're settled in. It was kinda early but it was hot and humid so we had an ice cold beer to cool us off.

We watched some shows on USA and went to bed shortly after 2200. I slept quite well and I was up at 0600 today. I can hear the birds chirping and I need to get my feeders out!