Wednesday, June 3, 2009


On our drive over we hit some bumps and my cactus pot toppled over and broke. We cut off the injured piece and we'll see what happens.

More than half of the taller cactus broke!

Yesterday we went to Beale Street in Memphis. Apparently B. B. King performed last night and will again tonight. We found the street blocked off and preparations being made.
Beale Street is much like Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. Bars, live music, eateries, etc. We walked down one side and up the other. Didn't stay long.
Then it was off to find Corky's for lunch. Jim got out his handy dandy GPS and we were off on an adventure! It was not down town but out in the suburbs. By the time we got there we were hungry! I had pulled pork, slaw and beans with a Sam Adams draft and Jim had pulled pork slaw, beans and spaghetti. He had a Barqs for his drink. All of it was yummy!
While driving there I spotted a Whole Foods Store and Jim stopped there on the way back. I love this store and he knows it. I didn't need anything but I had fun strolling the aisles of this small grocery store. I bought lemons, radishes and some key lime Steaz tea.
After we got home it looked like we might get some rain. We put up the awning, protected the plants, put the chairs away and then nothing. Just had some wind. By 1700 all was well, the sun came out and it was cooler.
After our big lunch I skipped dinner, just a bowl of noodles for me and Jim had hot dogs and chips. We watched tv and headed to bed shortly after 2200.