Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mountain Home, Arkansas

Yesterday we decided to go into town and check out the shopping. You see the forecast called for thunder storms and we thought spending time inside would be good. We stopped at the visitor center and browsed and talked to the nice lady manning the desk. Well we didn't find a mall, just strip centers. First up we stopped and go fuel, diesel was $2.39 a gallon! I guess summer is upon us and prices all across the board are going up. We stopped in a Dollar Tree and picked up a few items. Then we headed to the BBQ place using the GPS.....didn't happen. Where it told us to turn there wasn't a road! Never did find the place.

So we drove back the way we came and ended up downtown in the square. There were a couple of places to choose from so we went to the diner. Great prices and I had liver and onions, I know not the best thing for me but it sure tasted good! Jim had chicken fried steak. We both cleaned up our plates and skipped dessert. Our cost? Under twenty bucks!

Back home we closed up the house and waited for the rain which never came. Boy did it get hot! 90 degrees at one point, we could haved used some rain to cool us off. I watched one of my soaps then read a couple magazines all in the comfort of my home. Jim sat outside reading about fly fishing.

Around 1800 I decided to fix myself a salad for dinner and was eating this when Jim came in and helped himself to some potato salad. I was able to empty some containers from the fridge. Leftovers can be good when you work with them!

Can't remember what else we did. TV watching consisted of NCIS and Bones. We were in bed by 2200. Slept with just the quilt as it wasn't very cold when we went to bed.