Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lakeview, Arkansas

Wednesday I stripped the bed so I could wash the sheets. But I needed some detergent. We drove out to Millington NSA to see if they had diesel and we stopped in the commissary. Picked up a few things including the detergent. But no diesel! These bases never have diesel. We stopped at a BP Station and paid $2.29 for diesel.

We headed home and stopped at Wendy’s for lunch, burgers, chili and fries. Back home I continued with the laundry and watched my soaps. Jim washed the truck and cleaned some of the rig. During the evening the rain started, not real heavy but annoying. Especially since Jim washed the truck!

Got a note from Jesse saying they stayed at Tom Sawyer Park in March, it’s a small world. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that this campground had flooded earlier this spring. They are working on getting it all opened, but it’s a mess and they sure didn’t need more rain.

Watched some TV, NCIS reruns on USA. We were in bed by 2200.

June 4, 2009

When I got up at 0710 it was foggy outside, couldn’t even see the other side of the river. I checked the weather reports for Memphis and Lakeview and saw rain everywhere! I woke Jim at 0745 and we both got busy. We had some breakfast then packed up and were on the road by 0915 and it was raining when we left.

The farther west we went the less rain. Around 1030 we noticed it had stopped raining and we looked for a place to pull over to make a pit stop. The area we were driving through in Arkansas has had a lot of rain. Fields were inundated and water was standing everywhere. All ditches, streams and rivers that I could see from my window were running fast.

The rain was back around 1100 and shortly after that we stopped for lunch. It wasn’t raining anymore. After we got back on the road we could see blue skies and I guess we just drove out of the rain and overcast skies.

We arrived around 1400 at Copper John’s, it’s a pretty campground but jam packed. And we can’t get our Internet, to many trees. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a hot spot and post this to my blog.

We went out to dinner in Mountain Home. Skippers restaurant isn’t much to look at but they had fried catfish dinners and we both enjoyed our fish.

sure hope this works!