Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While we were sitting on the deck doing our internet stuff we saw this truck restocking the river. I can't imagine how many they dump. According to the park superintendent they do it about twice a week.
After going to the state park to catch up on the internet we stopped by the visitor center to look around. A beautiful building! And the views of the dam and surrounding area are breathtaking. It would be wonderful to sit on the deck and just enjoy.

We signed up for a tour of the powerhouse. Then we headed home to eat lunch and chill. BLT’s for lunch….now the bacon is gone.

After lunch I watched one of my soaps and then we headed back to the Bull Shoals Dam for a tour. Quite interesting seeing the inner workings and learning how electricity is made. The tour was about an hour and we lucked out, the Park Superintendent was the guide….he’d never done one before!

We left the dam and then drove to Flippen, Arkansas just to check it out. It’s a small town but has some interesting sites. We stopped at the railroad station that’s been turned into a pharmacy with a soda fountain. I’m thinking we should have skipped this stop because we had dessert….Jim had a cappuccino and apple pie ala mode while I had two desserts! Peach cobbler and a concoction that was called mocha espresso something or other, all I know is it had a scoop of ice cream and was luscious. It was very filling! We got home in time to feed Boo his dinner, but we didn’t even want anything to eat.

We’ve been playing games on our computers and watching the History channel. Seven signs of the Apocalypse is the name of the show….I think. Very interesting how scientists and biblical experts discuss how the earth will end. Citing the book of Revelations and explaining why our disasters are happening just as it says in the Bible.

I cooked a pot of rice and we’ve each had a bowl for our dinner. Sure hope it soaks up all the calories I consumed earlier!

We stopped at this area in the state park that has a spring and gardens planted. The squirrel in the tree was scolding us, or so we thought until we spotted a cat.

some pretty flowers

This boat was recovered from the river bottom and is on display at the Bull Shoals Visitor center.

The Bull Shoals Dam, it has 8 generators and supplies electricity to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Louisiana