Tuesday, June 16, 2009

family, food and weather

Sunday we had breakfast and did a few chores around the house. Lunch was leftovers for both of us. After lunch we changed clothes and headed to Olathe, Kansas around 1240 to visit with John and Kathy. We made a stop in Peculiar, Mo and bought some fuel for $2.47. Seems gas prices are going up everywhere!

John was at work but Kathy was home and we had time to catch up and chat with her while she put the finishing touched on our dinner. Once John was home he fired up the grill and cooked pork chops and potato wedges (precooked sweet potatoes and russets), we also had a spinach salad, asiago bread and apple pie for dessert. We were blessed with a sunny afternoon to enjoy our meal outside on the deck!

We headed home around 2000. There is construction on hwy 71 and we wanted to get through it before sunset. Off and on after dark we had rain. Most of it was light showers but it was enough to slow us down a bit. Highway 54 from Eldorado Springs has been resurfaced and the combination of fresh asphalt, no center stripes and rain made this part of the trip difficult. Then we had foggy patches! We also got behind an idiot that was towing a trailer with no lights!

We were glad to get home shortly after 2200. Quick showers, a few chores and we hit the sack. Boo was glad to be home too, he still doesn't travel well staying awake all the time. He did rest some at John and Kathy's but mostly he sniffed his way around the house and was active all afternoon.

More later!