Wednesday, June 17, 2009

family, food and weather continued

Monday after breakfast we headed east and south to visit with Judy and Hugh in Bennett Springs, Missouri. We left around 0930 under very cloudy skies. I thought for sure we'd get some rain during the drive but we didn't. I think we arrived just before 1100. We noticed all the gas stations had diesel for $2.39 so we made a mental note to refuel on the trip home. The area of Bennett Springs is quite lovely and we know why Judy and Hugh decided to live there. Hugh is a fly fisherman and uses the state park quite often! If you've never been to the Ozarks you're missing out on a lot of natural beauty our country has to offer.

Judy fixed us a lunch of enchiladas with chips and all the fixins. It was delicious and I especially liked the cold beer served in a frosty mug! Jim and Hugh had one too so I wasn't drinking alone.... :) We also had a frozen dessert that I failed to get a name for. Made with raspberries and Jim had seconds! It was very good. The sun came out and warmed up the afternoon.

We took Boo with us and for the most part he was good. He didn't enjoy the drive and was glad to to get out of the truck.

We enjoyed our visit with Judy and Hugh, catching up and hearing stories. We left around 1600, again under cloudy skies. This part of the country sure is wet and doesn't need any more rain.

We did stop for fuel and Jim bought me a Dove candy bar. I've been wanting some good chocolate for quite some time, so that was thoughtful of him. We got home around 1800. I can't recall what we did. Probably TV and computers.

Before bed I checked the weather and we had storms heading our way so we brought the awning in. Boy howdy did we get storms! Lightening, thunder, heavy rain and some wicked wind! According to the owner 3 inches of rain fell and ten miles from here a tornado..... :( Needless to say we didn't get a lot of sleep. Poor Boo was startled by some of the thunder that was close.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we just relaxed around home. We did have some standing water so Jim couldn't do as much outside as he wanted. I watched my soaps and did some crocheting. I finished a yellow scarf. Poor Boo spent most of the day sleeping, I think he was stressed out with all the traveling.

The sun is out and its supposed to be a sunny day....