Sunday, June 7, 2009

White river at Bull Shoals State Park. In the picture below you can see a house, it's for sale! June 6, 2009
I was up at 0630, apparently Boo was disturbed by all the activity going on outside so he let me know. After breakfast Jim and I went over to the State park to do internet stuff. He’s finally got his vista updates completed. I took my computer, nail polish and a couple magazines to while away the time. They have a nice deck with tables and chairs to use and it overlooks the river.
It was lunchtime when we got home so we had a bite to eat then Jim went fishing. I took a nap. For some reason I got chilled this morning and could not warm up. I woke up when Jim returned. He didn’t bring the fish home but he says he caught two. We sat outside until 1600 just talking and enjoying the afternoon. Then we decided to make a run to get groceries. The town of Bull Shoals is just around the corner and that’s where we found a grocery store, Harps. Though it’s a small store, they had what we needed. I brought pizza home for out dinner.

I took Boo for a walk down to the river and I sat and watched the buzzards and herons while he sniffed around. Very pleasant with few people around. I think I saw a beaver, we both saw each other at the same time and he quickly ducked down behind the grass. After I took Boo home I went back and watched the water and some folks fishing. Jim joined me and we just sat and enjoyed the view until I got chilled enough to leave.

We watched PBS, a lot of British comedies! Great way to spend the evening, these shows make me laugh.

I wasn’t able to do anything online the connection kept coming and going. Only downloaded two emails.