Friday, June 26, 2009


Dodge City claims to be the windiest city in the USA....and it's quite breezy right now but the temperature is still 93 degrees outside at 1940. Not a cloud in the sky either. Dodge also has some very hard water. It leaves spots on glasses and pans. Even the counter tops get a gritty feeling if you don't keep them dried off. If water sits to long you can scrape it off with a fingernail. I can't imagine what the water might be doing with our fixtures and lines.

We've not done anything worthy of blogging. Just chores. We finally got the oil changed in the truck, it was making some odd noises. Jim has been cleaning the truck and rig. Working a little bit each day before it becomes to hot. We don't want Ed to think Jim is getting lazy!

I've been doing laundry and cooking. Had smoked pork chops for dinner tonight with some pasta and peas.

We've set a trap for our mouse. Last night he didn't take the bait. Boo hears him I'm sure. Something makes him bark and jump out of bed.

It's my understanding that the Gunsmoke Campground is for sale. If you're in the market this place might be worth a look. Constantly busy and a casino is being built just up the road.