Monday, June 1, 2009

We're in Arkansas

Today I was up at 0535! Why? I have no idea. Slept badly, it was to warm. So I should have slept later.....but I didn't... Jim was up at 0800 and after we both had breakfast we packed up and left the Nashville area.

Driving the interstate is not our favorite way to travel but we were on the road by 0930 and I-40 was the route we traveled to Memphis...actually West Memphis, Arkansas. We made two stops, the last one was for lunch. Boy does the interstate have a lot of 18 wheelers! :) We arrived at Tom Sawyer RV Park, , around 1400. There's a tree on the site and we had to take the time to set up the satellite dish before we set up the rig. Success! we have Internet and TV.

I took this picture of the Mississippi River with my phone while waiting for the dish to find the satellite. We are a stones throw from the Big Muddy!

We're only here for three nights. Apparently the river flooded earlier this year and the campground was flooded. They're cleaning up as fast as they can, but it's noisy and dusty. I also think it costs to much.

We had sausage, potatoes and onions for dinner.