Monday, June 22, 2009

OK! I'm blogging....

Apparently some of you want me to blog. So here I am.

Truth is we haven't done much. We left Missouri last Thursday and drove to Wichita. The GPS took us to a cemetery and although I don't have a problem with spending a night in a graveyard I'm sure the good people of Wichita would object. We did manage to find the campground after we got the computer from the rig.

But! We could only stay one night because Blasi Campground was booked for the weekend. No matter, we're flexible and I did all my laundry because they charged us $29 for the night!

Friday we headed over to Dodge City and the Gunsmoke RV Park There is road construction downtown which makes getting around a wee bit exciting. But we've found some back roads and manage to avoid it. Except when you need groceries, both Walmart and Dillons are on the same road and yup, that one is getting some road work too. And Walmart is remodeling! Fun trying to find anything!!!

I got a haircut Saturday. Boo is getting a haircut today. We've had some rain since we arrived but it cleared off yesterday morning and the sun has been out all day today. I believe the guy on the radio said the for today will be 101. But it's a 'dry' heat. :)