Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fly Fishing

I was up at 0700 and had a good wifi connection so I did some catching up with the blog and emails. Early morning seems to be the best time for this. I guess during the day and evening there’s too much demand and it comes and goes. There’s a male ruby throated hummingbird that keeps me company. I just love those little hummers! I can’t wait until we get to Mountaindale in Colorado Springs to see all the hummers there….

Jim rode his trike over to Bull Shoals state park to do his computer stuff. I watched the French Open and saw Roger Federer finally win! While Jim was gone I got dressed, did the dishes and started doing the laundry. I was fixing my lunch when he returned so we had lunch together!

We went fishing in the afternoon and boy was the water cold! Even wearing all the gear you can feel the cold seep through the waders. I caught a lot of seaweed and I think that’s about all Jim caught too. I did manage to put a couple knots in my line. Need to fish more often to stay proficient at casting! When we returned and I took off the waders my legs from my rear end down to my sock line was mottled red. Took about a half hour to get them back to normal. Really odd and I hope it was just a reaction to the cold water.

don't you just love this outfit?
Jim looks good!
After stripping down and changing into shorts we sat outside with a cold drink and then Jim started the charcoal so we could grill burgers. That’s what he had for dinner; I also had a salad with mine.

Dishes are done and we’ve been watching movies.