Friday, June 5, 2009

Bull Shoals State Park

Has a wifi connection....

June 5, 2009
We watched the USA channel last night, Jim likes Burn Notice and a new show Royal Pains came on afterwards. We were in bed by 2330. It was getting chilly and the expected low was 52, so we slept with the comforter.

I was up at 0620 and I tried, but could not get back to sleep. So I got up and fixed my coffee and listened to the birds. I could hear woodpeckers and I saw cardinals and sparrows. A squirrel was scampering about under a feeder. I saw all this from inside because it was only 51 outside! J The sun is out and I’m sure it will warm up soon; meanwhile I have the fireplace going to take the chill out.

For awhile last night I had a good wifi connection and was able to post my blog and I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll updated. It just depends on finding a connection.

to be continued!

Jim got up at 0715! I didn’t wake him; he got up all on his own. He made his coffee and left the building. I made biscuits for breakfast and he arrived home in time to enjoy them while hot. He said he was down by the river, enjoying the sights and sounds.