Sunday, April 18, 2010

White Sands National Monument

Our plans for today was to pack a lunch and hit the dunes! And that's what we did. I was up before 7 am and I woke Jim at 8 am. We had breakfast and did chores. Mine included stripping the bed and washing sheets. I got a good start on them before we left at 10 am.

It was 57 degrees at 10 am and the day was heating up to reach 75 by 4 pm. So I wore long pants, shoes and socks! The guys wore long pants too but Anne wore Capri's and sandals. I don't think any of us was uncomfortable.

The first three pictures were taken by Anne
me getting down to ground level for a picture
hard to tell but this is Jim and I or is that me and Jim? Whatever, there we are!

Jim climbed down off the boardwalk and this picture proves it

Visitor Center, I love the adobe and I think Jim said this was constructed by the CCC

This is National Park Week and admission is free. With our Golden Age Pass it would have cost us 3 bucks to get in....a bargain! Of course Jim had to get a saucer for sliding down the dunes and I bought a couple postcards and two embroidered t-shirts.

me posing for Jim

Scotty and Anne. Watch out Anne! you'll get a shock if you touch the metal railing!

There is a picnic area and it's unlike any other picnic area I've ever seen

Covered tables and some spots had grills

as you can see the day was perfect for pictures, Jim took all of the above.

Felicia and Frederico thought we were going to the beach! Alas, no water just sand dunes.

I thought this looked like a lizard, but it's just very dry wood.
I'm not sure what time we got home but I had coffee around three and I know around four Anne came to visit while Jim sat out and had wine with Scotty. They forced me to have a glass of wine! Twisted my arm!!!
Leftovers for dinner and we're just chillin (it's 62 degrees outside!) watching TV and playing on the computers.

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. ~Dorothy Parker"