Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Las Cruces, New Mexico

We were in no hurry to leave this morning as our trip was only 70 miles to Las Cruces. So we had our coffee and breakfast. Then we slowly packed up and left around 1030 this morning. The drive over the mountains was beautiful and uneventful.

We were all set up in Sunny Acres RV Park www.sunnyacresrv.com by 1300. Anne and Scotty were already here having gotten their coach repaired earlier today. The mountains from this side are worthy of pictures so we'll need to get some when we're out and about tomorrow.
Jim needed to get his sun glasses repaired so we found an Eye Masters that just happened to be in a mall! Once the repair was made we walked around the mall mostly for the exercise. I did pop into Chico's and we got some vitamins from GNC. After we left the mall we stopped at Arby's for a bite to eat. Then checked out Walmart for fuel. But no fuel. Then Jim stopped at a Verizon store. For a Tuesday afternoon it sure was busy. He checked out the phones then we left.
Back home we sat outside enjoying the afternoon. Jim had wine while I had a cup of coffee. Felicia and Frederico look like they wanted Jim's wine! Not sure how long we sat there with Boo before Anne and Scotty returned from their outing. They sat with us for a bit then Anne and I went for a walk around the park.

Haven't seen any iris lately and these are about the last of them in bloom here.
These snapdragons greet you at the office.
this flowering yellow bush is pretty, the flowers look like small roses but it didn't have a scent.
The four of us split up and went inside just before seven, I caught the end of Dancing with the Stars.
We've showered and we're just watching TV and playing on the computers.

"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! ~John Muir"