Monday, April 5, 2010


Slept well last night and didn’t get up until 0730. I woke Jim at 0800 and we listened to some music until GMA came on. I started doing laundry first thing so I can get it all caught up before our next stop, another state park with no sewer hook up.

Jim repaired the awning with some awning tape. Seems the seam was giving way at one end. I made the bed and did dishes. Slow lazy morning.

Late morning the four of us headed out to get fuel and a few groceries. We drove to Crystal City just up the road. We found a Shamrock station and diesel fuel for $2.85. We also found Popeye! We also drove by a Del Monte packing plant. Didn’t see any fields of spinach….

When I did the search for the Popeye information I also discovered the city was the location of an internment camp during WWII,

We made a stop at a Walmart, then HEB both in Carrizo Springs, then home for lunch. I folded the clothes and watched my soaps. Jim spent some time outside putting away the table and repacking the back seat of the truck. The AC had to be on as the temperature kept rising and hit the low 90’s.

Happy hour found them outside without me. I was watching my soaps but as soon as the shows ended I joined Anne, Scotty and Jim. We sat outside until after 1800. Then we parted and went inside to dinner. I fixed chicken stir fry and we ate our dinner while watching the beginning of Dancing with the Stars. I do like this show!

"We are imperfect. We cannot expect perfect government ~ William Howard Taft"