Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico pt 2

Yesterday I was up at 0545! I really dislike changing time zones it messes with my sleep. :)

The ground is so hard here that Anne couldn't plant the Flamingos! So Felicia and Frederico had to settle for my herb pot. The wind blows as hard, if not harder here than in the valley and my palm is having a hard time staying upright.

After breakfast the four of us headed to Carlsbad Caverns, Scotty drove and the wind was just whistling across the car and every window sang us a tune. Because we have the Golden Age Pass it didn't cost us anything thing to get into the Caverns. Jim did get an interpretive guide.
As we were walking down to the entrance I saw these buildings, have no idea what they are but they looked right at home on the mountain side.

These flower bushes were dotted about on the hills and it looks like a wisteria to me.

another cluster of 'wisteria'

this tree is in bloom but I've no idea what it is. It would help if the park would put signs but the plants and cactus

This yucca has reddish 'blooms'. As we were driving through the canyons we noticed several that looked red and wondered if it was a different species. But I think when it first blooms it has these reddish flowers
All of these pictures were taken by me and my camera is only good on close shots. I don't think I have repeats but you never know. We took a gazillion pictures and some had to be left out. Again, there's no way I can describe the formations or colors. Just enjoy looking.

After we left the Caverns we stopped at Chili's for late lunch. Anne and Scotty split a rack of ribs, Jim had ribs and I had half a turkey sandwich with a cup of soup. While Jim enjoyed a margarita I had a Sam Adams. The Scotts had water.
We made another stop on the way home at a Dollar Tree Store. All four of us found something to buy and I managed to get out of there spending only 5 bucks.
Once home we retired to our own homes. I think it was around 1700. Jim and I both uploaded our pictures and sorted through them. He spent some time reading about his camera and learning stuff about how to take pictures while I started the previous blog around 1800 and watching Dancing with the Stars. It took forever to load the pictures and after all of Jim's shots it wouldn't take any more.
I watched a show about King Henry VIII on National Geographic, quite interesting. Then we showered. NCIS was the last show for the evening. We were in bed around 2200 and despite the wind and thunderstorms and the train I managed to get some sleep. As I type this Jim is still sleeping as it's only 0730.

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown"