Friday, April 16, 2010

Short drive over the mountains to Alamogordo

We were on the road by 0930 this morning! Since it was an Escapees park we had to check out. At 14 bucks a day plus our electricity our four day stay was very reasonable. The Scott's needed to gas up at Walmart in Artesia so we all met up there and we were able to get some groceries too.

The first part of the trip was pretty boring. Scrub and very little to see. We were on Highway 82 heading due west and steadily climbing.

Why is it there are trees above 6000 feet but none below?

More and more as we climbed we saw the mountains and blooming trees. Apple orchards and some trees that had pinkish blooms that reminded all of us of cherry trees

Here come the big mountains!

And once we got above 8000 feet we saw snow! These pictures were taken in and near Cloudcroft, New Mexico which I think is around 8700 feet

Not sure why this pedestrian bridge was built across the highway. We didn't see any homes or stores....I'm sure they were there hidden behind the trees

Loved this cloud above the mountain. As we drove west the skies began to clear

Descending into Alamogordo you can see the White Sands, that's the white strip in the lower part of this picture. Quite spectacular!

As you can see Felicia and Frederico are right at home here.
We arrived at Boot Hill RV Resort just before 1400. We've booked two nights but that could change. Lot's to do and see here. Also the Scott's have a maintenance problem that has to be corrected. Of course it's the weekend so nothing can be done until next week.

Linda and Anne
Right across the street is this huge pistachio! Pistachio Tree Ranch, When we checked in we had a coupons for free pistachios with purchase so we went over to check it out. They also have wine and we tasted and bought some wine and nuts!

Scotty and Jim
For dinner we had Philly Cheese sandwiches and cole slaw. A joint effort and for dessert we had cake with blueberry pie topping. A good way to end the day.
"Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,We fell them down and turn them into paper,That we may record our emptiness.~Kahlil Gibran"