Friday, April 2, 2010

It was 70 degrees outside when I got out of bed just after 0700. No wind! It sure blew all night long and kept me awake at times. The clouds are still with us but just wispy clouds. I opened some windows and listened to the birds start their day.

Since this is a state park there are no light at night and boy was it dark!

After breakfast we went for a bike ride. First Jim had to take them off the rack and air up the tires. Really didn’t take long. We rode down to the boat launch and we saw a roadrunner near the dumpster. Since that is near the fish cleaning station I’m sure he was looking for food. There were a lot of boat trailers in the parking lot but I only saw one or two boats on the water. Of course it’s a big lake!

Down at waters edge there were 6-8 folks fishing. I took some pictures of the dam but they didn’t turn out well. We’re to far away and the haze didn’t help. We continued our ride around a couple loops of the campground and I found some flowers to take pictures of.

Back home we sat outside and cooled off for a bit. Not even noon and the day was heating up. Jim had a bowl of cereal because he skipped breakfast. We decided to have sausage and waffles for lunch and Jim got out the Forman grill and his gas grill. While he cooked the sausage I made the waffles. Lunch was eaten outside and it was yummy!

Around noon we turned on the AC and I started watching my soaps. We both headed to the showers at 1300 (no soap on then). Back home Jim decided it was time for a margarita so we chilled indoors with a cold drink. Then Jim took a nap!

For dinner we had bruschetta. My kind of meal and I enjoyed a glass of red wine.

Today was a wonderful day spent with Jim. We didn't do all that much but we were together...

More and more campers arrived today and some are a wee bit noisy. Boombox vehicles....Boo doesn't like the thumping.

I've been trying to post pictures for over an hour so I've given up. I'll keep trying so check back.

Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important. ~Carl Reiner