Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Day at Balmorhea State Park

Once again I was up early, 0600. But I don't mind, it gives me time alone and I do some yoga or exercise. When I finish, I fix my coffee then get on the internet. Jim was up early too, I guess he got up around 0640. We both heard the brief shower around 0630.

I made some scones for breakfast and while doing dishes I was keeping an eye on the sunrise that was bursting upon the horizon. I managed to take several pictures but my little camera just can't capture the beauty and wonder of a sunrise.

After breakfast I made the bed, got dressed and did a load of laundry. Some spot cleaning and my chores were done. Jim spent some time wiping down the truck.

Anne and I went to the office to pay for another night. On the walk we saw a robin. Once home it was time for lunch. You see time passes even for those who don't do much of anything. I had some pasta salad from last night.

There were plans to go swimming mid afternoon. As the afternoon wore on clouds moved in and around 1500 Jim, Anne and I went to the pool. Scotty declined. It turned out that Anne only went so Jim could go swimming. I never intended too. I just went to take pictures.

Jim was a bit reluctant, getting used to the temperature takes a bit of doing when it's chilly and cloudy. He swam yesterday and enjoyed it! But today he didn't linger in the water. Anne only stood on the steps and said I couldn't post her picture. :)

What I guy! He stayed in as long as he could, then headed for the showers!
We had dinner with Anne and Scotty. I brought a Caesar salad and wine while Anne fixed a delicious shrimp pasta. As always we enjoyed the meal and the company. Pina Colada jello was the first dessert. Then the guys played their dulcimers. Then the second dessert was had by Scotty and Jim. They polished off the ice cream!
Another brief shower and we headed home. I showered then did the dishes. Jim did some chores outside in preparation for our departure in the morning.
"Swimming - what real men do while boys play football. ~Author Unknown"