Thursday, April 15, 2010

A change in plans

Shortly after I got up this morning I was chatting with Anne and we decided we didn't want to leave for Alamogordo today. It was raining when this decision was made. I let Jim know as soon as he got up :)

We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I still don't like biscuits and gravy...

Since we didn't have to pack up and leave we just didn't do much of anything. It was a chilly morning but the rain passed and it turned into a nice day.

Anne fixed BLT's for our lunch. She also fixed spaghetti for our dinner. Scotty and Jim had red sauce and Anne and I had Pesto. We also had a salad and a glass of red wine. We both need to buy groceries and tomorrow we'll make a stop at Walmart in Artesia. The Scotts need some gas for the coach and we can get some food! I need my veggies....

After dinner Scotty and Jim went to the clubhouse for a jam session. While there I noticed cows right outside the front gate.

There were some rabbits munching on the grass but they didn't like me and scampered off.
Jo and Al

Scotty and Jim
I came home just before 2200 and Jim came home about 30 minutes later. I showered and checked emails. Jim showered and then we had some popcorn.
Right now we're watching Bones and Freddie Kreuger (Robert Englund) is on the show!

"When a cow laughs, does milk come out her nose? ~Author Unknown"