Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seminole Canyon State Park~Lot's of Pictures!

We left Carrizo Springs around 0930 this morning. What a yucky start! It didn't exactly rain but it sure was misty and nasty. As we drove through Eagle Pass Anne and Scotty stopped for gas and we waited on the outskirts for them to catch up.

The skies finally cleared and we had sunshine the rest of the trip

Not much to see on the trip. Same scrub as what we've been passing through. We stopped for lunch at a rest area around 1130. Then back on the road.

After we passed through Del Rio on Highway 277 we picked up Highway 90 and drove through some beautiful country! The Amistad National Recreational Area is full of water...

What a lovely place to spend a winter.....I wonder how cold it gets? Probably to cold for Jim

The country side is more rolling hills and our elevation is around 1100 feet.

We arrived at Seminole Canyon State park around 1400 and soon we were set up. Unfortunately the guys had to start cleaning the rigs and vehicles. Our wet start from earlier made a mess of them.

Anne and I wandered around taking pictures, we found flowers everywhere!

Not sure what this plant is but it's huge! and this flower bud will be spectacular when it opens.

Found this smudge and though it looked like a bird

We even found some cacti in bloom though most are still in bud

Both couples had leftovers for dinner. Chicken stir fry for us and Ham salad and potato salad for the Scotts.
It's been a long afternoon and we're ready to settle in for the evening. We don't have cell phone service here but the park has wi-fi. Of course we have our own internet

"I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. ~Ruth Stout"