Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 10th pictures

Finally able to load pictures this morning! As I mentioned in my last post, Anne and I went strolling yesterday morning and took pictures. This park is truly a desert oasis. Because of the springs they are able to irrigate the area. The water flows quite rapidly. The park itself is very small and only has 33 campsites. The the spring fed pool is the attraction and it brings in families and divers.

the water is very clear

tiny waterfall in the canal

this is about half of the circular part of the pool. In some parts it's 25 feet deep

hard to see but there are divers on the other side of the pool

see how clear the water is? the pool is full of small fish

this pair of ducks call it home

here come the divers!

there are trees here! tall old trees

store front in Balmorhea, Texas

after dinner Scotty and Jim played some tunes on their dulcimers