Thursday, April 8, 2010

Part two of our Canyon tour

Jim took all these pictures
Looking into the canyon before the tour

there were stops as we went down and our guide gave us information on plants and how they were used.

the view from below the visitor center

walking into the canyon

Limestone makes for interesting rocks

rushing water from long ago made interesting ridges on the sides of the canyon

After we climbed back up we came home and had lunch. Then Jim headed out to wash the truck. I watched my soaps and read a couple magazines. Whether inside or out the weather was perfect.
Last night it dipped into the upper 40's and I think the same is forecasted for tonight. Great for sleeping.
After Jim finished washing the truck he took a nap. Around 1600 I wandered over to visit with Anne. We had coffee and mincemeat squares she made. Jim came over and joined us, Scotty was hiking. We started talking about our next stop and made plans.
Jim grilled chicken for our dinner and I sauteed some cabbage and tomatoes to go with it. We're settled in for the evening and we'll be on the road again tomorrow.

You know this lifestyle isn't for everyone. You have to want to travel and see and do new things. It's like being on vacation most of the time!

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. ~Robert Orben"