Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nice Day

What a super day! I was up around 0700 and I woke Jim at 0800. We listened to music most of the day.

After breakfast I did a load of laundry, made the bed and did the dishes. Jim cleaned the outside windows and now we can see our world a whole lot better. Anne and I went for a walk and we took pictures but I'm having trouble getting them to post so I'll try later.

We learned there is a grocery store just down the road so Anne and I headed there to get some basics. Bread, lunch meat, chips, ice cream and beer! :)

Back home we had some lunch and I made a macaroni salad for our dinner. Jim went swimming and Anne and I sat outside with cold drinks (seltzer and iced coffee!). Scotty was inside strumming on his dulcimer.

The four of us had dinner on our patio, hot dogs, macaroni salad, beans and other goodies. For dessert they had vanilla ice cream while I had mango sorbet.

We have been running the ac as the afternoons heat up to upper 80's and today 90. Also the other campers have fires and we don't like the smoke.

I was able to load these pictures that Jim took after dinner. The Davis Mountains are beautiful!

Our home from across the campground

we both like the shadows the clouds make on the mountains

one of the canals

Catfish in the clear water of the spring

Yucca in bloom

Anne and Scotty's rig. They're right across the street from us.
The sites we have are pull trough's and we happen to have the host site and we have sewer!