Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful day with friends

This morning while the guys worked on Scotty's boat we ladies did laundry and walked around the campground. Anne, Boo and I just left the menfolk and enjoyed ourselves.

This is our rig, the campground is beautiful and well kept. The sites have picnic tables and they're installing grills. Wi-fi is good.

Louisiana Iris. We saw quite a few on our walk. There is a boardwalk through a swampy area that is fun to explore

We finally convinced the guys to quit work around noon. We went into Madisonville for lunch and then headed out to do some crabbing. Apparently Anne and Scotty have never done this! When we got to the local crabbing spot we discovered the Madisonville Lighthouse! The only way to see it up close is by water.

Madisonville Lighthouse
Anne was the first to catch a crab and it didn't take her long! String and a chicken leg if you're wondering how you catch a crab.

Scotty caught one soon after Anne

Scotty, Jim and Anne crabbing and enjoying the sunny afternoon.

While we were crabbing a water snake decided to check us out!
I'm not sure how long we stayed out on the water but we all had a good time. I even got sunburned. After we left the waterfront we headed east to find some fresh shrimp. Anne remembered a place they visited on a previous stay in the area. She bought some jumbo shrimp to share with family when they get to Port St. Joe this weekend. We bought some speckled trout.
On our return trip we stopped at a Cafe DuMonde and enjoyed some Beignets and cafe au lait. It's been a long time since we've enjoyed this treat! I even bought a Aunt Sally praline and shared it with everyone. Yum!
Then it was time to head home. The guys still needed to work on the boat and get it mounted on the car. We're leaving in the morning so this was important!
While the guys were working Anne and I were looking at possible campgrounds east of Mobile, Alabama. Then we gathered up Boo and went for our last walk through this lovely campground.
The boat is mounted, the car packed and ready to hook up behind their coach. Hopefully we can get an early start in the morning. None of like driving into the sun but sometimes it's necessary to get from here to there!
Jim and I are showered and relaxing with some TV and puter time.