Monday, April 27, 2009

Okefenokee Swamp Park

I was up at 0800...I'm getting enough sleep but it feels weird getting up that late. Jim got up later. One of the first things I do when I get up is open the blinds. This morning the rear one nearly fell out of the brackets. It's now permanently up until we can get some key parts.
After a morning of normal chores we had lunch and then headed to the Okefenokee Swamp Park. What a fun afternoon! For 20 bucks each we got an hour boat tour, a 50 minute train ride and saw a nature show.
Our first treat on the boat tour was this owl

Anne enjoying the boat ride, she's never been in a swamp

Pitcher plant

Sweetie! She comes when called

Jim took this picture, isn't it cool?

Terry our tour guide. Very informative and entertaining!

Just a shot of the swamp
The Train
After the boat ride, we caught this train and had a nice tour of the grounds and learned more about the area. There is a village with goats and chickens, old cabins. A small museum dedicated to the last Indian attack in the area.

This was on the wall of the museum

Bottle brush in the village

Big gator!

We had a good time touring the grounds and seeing the critters. At the nature show we saw some snakes and a couple small gators. Then we got to see some snakes eat some white mice....really interesting!
We got home shortly after 1700 and Jim and I went out again to get fuel and beer...two very important items on our list. Tomorrow we're leaving and heading to Savannah.
Anne started our dinner and when I got home I fixed the rest of it. We had ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans. We ate outside with a nice breeze. After the dishes were washed Anne and I went for a walk with Boo. We gathered some pine cones but we didn't have a fire.
I came in and watched Dancing with the Stars. Jim came home a little while later. We're showered and it's time for bed!