Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stay at home day

Boudreaux looking pretty!

We didn't have any plans for today. Sonsearae had to work all day and we knew she'd be over for lunch. So we grilled some chicken and had roasted potatoes and steamed peas for our midday meal. Preparing the meal took up my morning....real difficult! After she left I did dishes and watched my soaps.
Jim cleaned up the grill and did some work on his puter. We also played with my new phone. I took this picture of Boo using the camera Sonsearae gave me. I thought it turned out pretty good! Most of the time when you point a camera at him he moves. He was walked twice today. I think he liked the attention. He's also back on his regular eating schedule! Not many snacks Anne!
I had leftover salad for dinner and Jim ate the leftover spaghetti.
We're showered and watching TV, a dog show on animal planet right now. Jim's playing a game. Tomorrow we may head into town.