Friday, April 17, 2009

Super Day in Panacea, Florida

Not sure why I woke up before daylight, but I did. I guess I snoozed before finally getting up just after 0700. At least the sun was up! Jim was up early (for him) too. The morning was cool so I decided to make some chicken soup. Sonsearae was coming for lunch and with a salad I thought that would be filling.

She arrived just after noon and we had a nice lunch. I sure like seeing her daily, she's my baby but she's also a beautiful woman. I'm always amazed at the woman she has become. I'm proud of her!

Sonsearae didn't stay long, she had a hair appointment and also needed to shop for our pizza dinner. After she left I cleaned up the kitchen and watched a soap. Jim was busy plotting out trip and checking out campgrounds online. After an hour of that and we both were ready to leave.

So we changed clothes and headed out to see 'what's around the bend'. We stopped at the Panacea tourist office and discovered it used to be a restaurant. It overlooks the following pictures. I could easily live there with view like this!

After we left the tourist office we took a ride through the Tarpine neighborhood. This is an airpark with homes. Small planes and there's a grass strip. Not all the homes have hangers and the streets are marked with airplane right of way signs.

We also headed down a 'birding trail' road and discovered a lovely drive. Some homes at the beginning but the farther we went the more marsh and water we saw until we came to the bay. Beautiful!

Then we headed north to have dinner with Sonsearae and Chris. Homemade pizza! one pepperoni and the other just veggies. Both were delicious. Sonsearae made a cake for dessert that was also tasty.

These posters are of Mardi Gras and they hang in their living room.

We headed home late enough so I could see some deer....but they didn't come out to be seen! By the time we got home it was dark.

Boo was glad to see us! I fed him and he gobbled up his dinner.

We're both showered and we're watching the Antique Roadshow on PBS.