Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brrrrr! It's cold here!

I don't know the official low for last night but it was only 45 degrees when I got up at 0645. It was 52 inside....time for the fireplace!

The day was gorgeous, lots of sunshine but it sure was chilly. I got the crockpot out and started a pot of chili. After the dishes were done Anne and I decided it was to cold to do outdoor things. So we went to New Orleans.

Once we got across the causeway we headed to Deanies, http://www.deanies.com/restaurant.html for lunch. I had boiled shrimp and gumbo. Jim had a shrimp po-boy. The Scotts went for the fried seafood dishes. We headed for the Garden District to look around and made a stop at Whole Foods on Magazine.

I'm not sure Scotty and Anne got to see much of the Garden District. Scotty drove and Anne was in the backseat. We didn't even stop to take pictures or stroll around. Doesn't say much for our guide service.

After we shopped we headed back to the Northshore and home. We went our separate ways and the guys did some chores. I watched a soap and Anne had a nap.

I walked Boo and saw at least 6 bluebirds. Then I showered at the bathhouse. Anne baked some cornbread muffins and we swapped food. I gave her some chili she gave me some muffins. We ate in our own rigs because none of us were very hungry.

We are now watching TV, playing games on our puters and looking forward to tomorrow. It should be warmer and we can check out the crabbing and Madisonville.