Monday, April 20, 2009

Day of chores

I was up before 0800, and Jim was up shortly after that. I needed to to do laundry, go to the post office and grocery store....all before lunch! LOL

After breakfast I started the laundry and wrapped a book to mail. I headed out while Jim waited for our new tires and wheels. Sonsearae was working the counter when I got to the post office. Very professional! while there I picked up our lunch....she had brought it to work.

Then it was a stop at the grocery store. Only picked up a couple things. Back home my slides were in and we were getting our new wheels on the trailer. Didn't take him very long to replace all four tires. Then Jim set to work making sure the tires had the right pressure and moving the old wheels. Fortunately someone wanted them! What on earth would we do with them? As I started today's blog I realized I shuld have taken a picture of the new wheels. maybe tomorrow.

For lunch Sonsearae provided spaghetti, sauce and bread. All I needed to do was cook it and make a salad. We had a good lunch and it was a bright spot in our day.

Sonsearae didn't stay long. I watched my soaps and then Jim and I went to walmart. Jim wanted to get fuel and find the place to wash the truck and I needed some groceries.

Back home, put my purchases away, fed Boo and settled in for the evening. I watched Dancing with the Stars and now I need to shower and finish folding clothes.

Some days are less exciting.....