Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Day in Panacea

I slept until almost 0800 again. And when I got up we had fog....the dripping is what woke me up. I thought it was raining. Jim didn't get up until 0930

Today was a relaxing day. Slowly we're getting ready to leave tomorrow. After lunch we headed to Walmart in Crawfordville to fuel up, $2.16. Pretty much used up our card. I picked up some staples and groceries. Jim had his sunglasses adjusted.

Back home I put away our purchases. We settled in while watching the campground fill up. I didn't check but I think it's full again. Jim did some preparing outside, I watched a soap, he took a nap, I read some magazines while I drank my coffee.

For dinner we had red beans and rice and some raw veggies. Didn't take long to clean up the dishes! We both had seconds on the rice and it's gone.

Now we're watching TV, playing games and patiently waiting til morning so we can leave and be on the road again. tomorrow night we'll meet up with Anne and Scotty will be fun to spend time with them.