Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travel Day

We were both up around 0800 this morning and after breakfast we packed up and headed out of Dodge....I mean Panacea, Florida. We hit the road at 1000 and drove up Hwy 319 all the way to Thomasville, Georgia.
Our view in Panacea, it was gorgeous!

In Thomasville we stopped and had some lunch. That didn't take long and we were on the road heading east on Hwy 84. It's a pretty drive and we saw lots of trees greening out including these pecan trees in the picture below.
I took this picture from the truck window.....see the new leaves on the trees?
After a couple more hours diving we were in Waycross, Georgia where we picked up Hwy 82 east to our destination the Laura S. Walker State Park on Hwy 177. It's just north of the Okefenokee Swamp and is quite nice. Like a lot of state parks they don't have sewer hook ups. We're close to the water near our friends Anne and Scotty. We'll be here three nights.

Scotty relaxing with a cold one

Jim relaxing with a cold one

Anne relaxing with Boo
We Had dinner with Anne and Scotty, she had pulled pork all ready for us! I added a salad and we had a good meal with our good friends. After dinner Anne and I went for a walk. This park is very nice. We saw a red headed woodpecker! Very striking with his black and white body topped by a red head.
We tried to sit outside but the bugs were bugging us so we went for a bike ride. That was the most exercise Jim and I have had in quite some time. But it was good to be moving!
We came back and the guys decided to get the boat in the water. You remember Scotty's boat? Here's a picture to remind you.

And here it is in the water with the guys paddling across the lake. Thanks Anne for sharing your picture with me. As you can see it's seaworthy and Scotty is pleased.

We had a pine cone fire to celebrate! LOL

And a beautiful sunset to end our day.

It's almost 2330 and Jim is in bed, time for me to hit the sack.