Saturday, April 4, 2009

Abbeville, Louisiana

I was us at 0615 this morning! I went to bed around 2200 last night and slept all night. I guess I was excited about getting to Louisiana.

We left around 0930 this morning, we and the Scott's had to make a stop for fuel. Then we hop scotched our way to Abbeville. Sometimes we led, sometimes we followed. We stopped at the welcome center on I-10 in Louisiana but one we got to Lake Charles we skirted around on I-210 and picked up SR 14. Driving through the low country was fun. rice paddy's, crayfish ponds, cows, horses and not a lot of traffic. The picture was taken south of Lake Charles, but I've no idea what body of water it is.

We got to Betty's, , around 1530. Man is this a small place! We think it used to be her yard. It's a good thing we made reservations. We can't use our satellite dish because of a tree, but we're using her wifi and cable tv.

Happy hour was at 1630 and we went. Her patio filled up quickly, some brought snacks others, like us didn't. Met a lady with a very small Yorkie, 3 pounds, Karo was her name. Just adorable, of course I had to go home and get Boo. He really didn't care about anything except eating the snacks!

We didn't stay long because we were hungry. After much waffling we decided to eat out and went to The Waterfront and nice seafood restaurant. I had seafood gumbo and a Caesar salad. Jim had fried seafood....We had a good time with our friends and even laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Something about being humble, watching Scotty grow and finding peanuts, you had to be there!

now we're home and showered, tomorrow it's Avery Island to see some birds...oh, maybe we'll check out the Tabasco place too! :)