Sunday, April 5, 2009

Avery Island, Louisiana

Linda and Jim

Ta Bass Co Fish in front of Tabasco factory. That's a red pepper in his mouth

Pink Camellia

Buddha Shrine

Big ol oak tree

Anne swinging on a vine!

Palm Garden


Scotty and Jim

Pretty little gator!

Grove of cypress trees

I was up at 0700 this morning and made biscuits for breakfast. Good way to start the day. Anne had given us some blackberry freezer jam and we needed to try it. I shared some biscuits with Anne and Scotty.

After breakfast we headed to Avery Island,, to see the sights. You pay a toll of $1.00 to cross the bridge. The Jungle Garden cost $6.25 per person, no discounts. The Scott's paid out fee. Thank you very much Anne and Scotty!

These pictures are a sampling of what we saw. We walked all through the Jungle Garden and that was a delight even though the azaleas and camellias were past blooming. We saw a lot of baby gators, turtles, Spanish moss, large oak trees, a lot of ponds with various grasses growing and of course the birds. It's nesting season and there are hundreds of egrets in plain view.

By the time we left the gardens we were bushed but we still had to see the factory and country store. We we drove over, parked and went in the store first. You sure could spend a lot just to show off your love of Tabasco brand items, They also have all the edible products set out for you to sample. After we cooled off a bit in the store and sampled a few items we headed over to the factory. The tour doesn't take long and I think because it was Sunday we didn't see much activity on the floor. But we each got samples of three sauces....

We left Avery Island and headed towards Walmart and home. But first we stopped at Chili's for a bite to eat! All that walking and fresh air made us hungry.

While Jim fueled up (1.96) Anne and I picked up a couple needed items in Walmart. Then home and now we're relaxing and catching up on emails. It's 81 degrees outside and there is a nice, gentile breeze blowing.

Don't have any plans for tonight and tomorrow we'll be on the road again.