Saturday, April 18, 2009

family and friends

I was up just before 0700, I guess I'm back to my old habits of rising early. No matter, I like the alone time. No plans until Noon when Sonsearae and Chris were coming over for lunch.

We just chilled doing small things around the house. I gave Boo a bath, the fleas here are giving him fits. His flea meds will kill the little buggers but only after they bite him.

Anne and Scotty left Port St Joe this morning and stopped by to see us around 1130. We invited them for lunch. Mostly leftovers but there was plenty of food! We enjoyed catching up with Anne and Scotty but they had to continue on with their trip. So after lunch they continued on their way. :(

I did the dishes and Sonsearae, Chris, Jim and I played with our phones and puters. LOL exciting times! We convinced Jim to dig out his metal detector! Once outside I took a few pictures.

Looking east I tried to take a picture of a heron, trust me he's there!

Sonsearae digging for......crushed cans!

Chris, Sonsearae and Jim looking for buried treasures

Chris snapped this of Sonsearae, Jim and Myself...Boo is at the extreme left at the end of his leash. Looks like they're dancing!

I guess they spent 30 minutes searching for 'treasure' but didn't find anything exciting. It was nice outside, walking in the sand. Boo left prints all over the tiny beach. But he still won't venture out into the water.
Around 1600 they left and now we're hanging out again, not doing much.
It's been a beautiful day, food, family, friends and fun. What more do we need?