Wednesday, December 30, 2009

better late than never!

I slept until after eight this morning. For some reason I woke around three am and had trouble going back to sleep. I guess I did but when I got up I felt yucky and looked puffy. This should only happen after drinking to much, but I didn't do that!

The day started out overcast and cold. We had breakfast and then I started laundry. Today was black tank day so Jim did that and cleaned the toilet. In all I did four loads and it pretty much took all day because of other projects. Anne asked for my help in painting our New Years Eve glasses. We had fun deciding on the design. Simple was better because we weren't having much luck with the original Happy New Year design. We did stars and swirls in all colors and on the base 2010.

Not sure how long we worked on the glasses but I ran back and forth checking on the laundry and getting a bite to eat. And guess what? While we were painting the sun came out and stayed out!!!! It was really nice seeing everyone coming out and enjoying the sunshine.

Jim took the truck to a car wash and cleaned the bed and wheel wells. He even played some golf on his Wii. I got him the Resort for Christmas and it came with a motion controller. He says that will take some getting used to in golf!

We had pot roast with Anne and Scotty before heading to Margarita hour at the clubhouse. The sun was still out so we rode down. Before long the clubhouse was full of folks socializing and having a good time. We squeezed 5 couples around our table. I took my coffee and I planned to refrain from eating, but Jim, Scotty and Anne had some sweets. Jim brought me some peanut butter fudge and all my resolve flew out the window! After an hour we didn't linger and rode off into the sunset. :) Our sunset was pretty and you should see the moon!

At home we made the bed, we've showered and had some ice cream. We've been watching Bones and all episodes have been new to us.

It's cooling off, 56 degrees outside.