Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stressful day

When I got up this morning at 0645 I discovered a leak. Water was dripping down from the last seam on the ceiling. I wiped the seam and then made my coffee. I wiped the seam again and noticed spots on the floor and my computer. Not sure why but Boo was barking at a vase on the dresser, which woke Jim and when he got up I told him.

It was cold so I had turned on the furnace and apparently that made the water drip more! while I was eating it kept dripping on me! Can you hear me sing? "Raindrops keep falling on my head" LOL

After we had a quick breakfast we started moving things and removing things. Jim removed the lights from the ceiling and determined that the insulation was dry so we figured we wouldn't have to remove the ceiling panel. Jim borrowed a shop vac and was able to suck out some water.

By this time we had to leave for couples dancing at the clubhouse. For the next hour and a half we learned two dances. Well we were taught two dances, we need to practice.... a lot.

Back home I checked and water was no longer dripping from the ceiling and I couldn't press any out. Cross you fingers for us! Jim will go up on the roof tomorrow and check the satellite dish and make sure the seals are still intact. We think not and if this is the case he'll remove everything and redo it!

Jim spent several hours outside in the fresh air and sunshine cleaning up the patio and drying things out. I stayed inside and had lunch, watched my soaps, did some stuff on the computer and worked on my afghan.

We both felt a simple dinner would be good so I fixed scrambled eggs and toast. Dishes are done and we're both relaxing in our pajamas, watching TV.

Hopefully your day was less stressful!