Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chilly weather

We had two days of steady rain which is good for my garden plot. Yesterday the sun was out even if we had partly cloudy skies. It was good to get outside and see others enjoying the dry weather.

December 1st (during the rain) we saw a lot of rigs coming in and setting up. No one purposely arrives during rain. Messy and cold setting up!

Anne and I walked around noting all the new arrivals and greeting returning friends. We also made a Walmart run. She finished up her Christmas shopping while I filled my basket with food.

We were back in time for the Wednesday afternoon Margarita hour at the clubhouse. I took a fruit bowl because we're asked to bring something to share. It works out well, lots of food to pick from and dinner is over! Of course most of the food isn't good for you!

As we were just ending this happy hour I noticed the sunset. My phone camera cannot show you how beautiful it was

The colors were so pretty and after two days of rain and a partly sunny day it was a site to see!

Back home we just settled in for an evening of TV, reading and computer time. I'm still having trouble with my left shoulder blade so I'm trying not to sit in front of my computer to much....but I'm addicted to the machine!

We slept until 0800 this morning! these cold nights are great for sleeping. When I got up I turned on the hot water and the furnace. I woke Jim and once he was up I made some blueberry muffins for breakfast.

Now I'm doing laundry, not sure what else we'll do today. Hope your day is a good one and stay warm!