Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beautiful day!

Our weather today is why we like coming to the Rio Grande Valley. It was wonderful seeing everyone outside enjoying the sunny, breezy day we had today.

This morning I gave Boo a bath, he needed it! It had been to cold or I was busy doing something and he was due. As a rule Yorkies don't need to be bathed often, they're a clean breed. A few days ago I dosed him with his flea medication and that makes his coat feel dirty.

Anne and I went shopping while Jim and Scotty went shopping. We ladies went to the Walmart in Pinitas and even though it's two days before Christmas the store wasn't that crowded. We made our purchases and checked out quickly. We also made another stop but that's better left a secret!

I know the guys went to Walgreen's and Camping World. But they've been a bit secretive about where they went and what they got! I know Scotty discovered a problem with his rig and I assume the guys will be busy with that.

We got home around 1500 and I immediately started working on our dinner. I've been trying to make pork fried rice for three days and needed to use the pork or freeze it. If you could see my freezer contents you'd know that's not possible. Shortly after 1600 the rice was ready and the Scott's joined us on our patio for an early dinner.

Once dinner was over we had to get ready for margarita hour at the clubhouse. Anne and I got our plates ready to take and the four of us hopped on our trikes and rode down. We thought we'd just have some dessert. Jim had other plans....he loaded his plate up with the wonderful offerings the other resort members brought. Some one made some peanut butter fudge and I enjoyed that. I'm not sure but I think we spent about an hour and a half there. All the tables and chairs were put away while we talked with friends.

It was dark as we wheeled around the circles heading home. After a couple stops we got home just before 2100. I got busy with cleaning up the kitchen and Jim helped by drying the dishes. Thanks Sweetie!

A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart was coming on as I got into the shower. I didn't miss much and it was fun to watch.
the temperature has dropped into the mid 60's and soon we'll be in bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I decided to have ham for our Christmas Eve meal. I guess it will be like a fancy happy hour. Mostly finger foods....Sure hope you're ready for Christmas, time is running out!
Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home. ~Carol Nelson