Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Falling Behind!

Not sure why I can't seem to keep up with nightly blurbs...just lazy I guess.

We've been staying busy and that does tire my brain. Saturday we stayed close to home. I don't like shopping during the Holiday Season, not even for groceries. In the Morning Jim and I went to line dancing classes. Not as easy as it looks! But we enjoyed trying. I wore my boots and my feet were tired when we finished.

We went to happy hour over at Pat and Vern's. Pat's mom and friend were visiting and we brought some guacamole and chips but when we arrived it looked like a catered affair! Red beans and rice was a main dish with lots of savory and sweet snacks. I enjoyed some excellent Chardonnay and once home had trouble seeing the Saints lose to Dallas......perfect season for the Saints has ended! :(

Jim and Scotty have been working on the roof problem. Measuring, buying, discussing etc.

Sunday we went to Pepe's on the River. It's a favorite of the Winter Texans and I think just about everyone else in the Valley! We arrived early enough to get tables set up for ten of us on the 'patio'.

This was the view some of us enjoyed, the Rio Grande River and Mexico on the far side. As you can see it was a beautiful day. We all brought jackets and some of us had to shed them once the sun came around to our side.
Jim, Vern, friend of Pat's Mom, Pat's Mom!

Jeni, Don John,Diana, Anne and Scotty. I didn't get a picture of Pat because she was taking pictures too. Not everyone ordered food. Jim and I had catfish and shrimp and it was good! We had been told that the top shelf margaritas were good so Jim ordered one and it was very tasty! I had a beer.
Yesterday Anne and I did some grocery shopping and I can't begin to tell you how crowded the stores were. First stop was the Dollar Store where we picked up some glasses for New Year's Eve. Then we stopped at Target where I wanted to check on food items. I had printed some coupons and used them there. Then it was HEB! Mad house! LOL But I picked up the ham and other items for Christmas Eve dinner. We shared a basket because we only needed a 'few' things. Well it has half full when we left!
While we were gone the guys were working on the roof. I'm not sure what all is finished but Jim mentioned it would take a few days for the sealant to set up. Meanwhile we're watching local cable TV.
We sat outside for a short while before Anne headed off to CPR class at the clubhouse. I still had a mess in the kitchen so I cleared it up and fixed Jim some dinner. I bought mine! Sushi....
Once the sun went down we just relaxed and enjoyed the evening.